Google My Business Podcast Part 1 C How To

Next, go back to your home because we’re keeping you on track and turn on your messaging for your customers. Let your customers message you. That is so important in this day and age. Instant gratification by messaging. You just get on there. You just turn on messaging button real, super simple. Put in your phone number, click next, and we’ll verify the phone number you want to use for chat so you’ll get a code via sms, they’ll text you, you pop it in there, and then you do your welcome message. Like, thanks for contacting me. I’ll be with you shortly. Or Hey, thanks for messaging me. Do something welcoming and personal. Once they message you, they get a message right back, real, super, super simple, and then you can go back to your home and go to your next step. You can actually manage it, recommends you manage your business on the go, downloading things from the APP store like Google my business app or on Google play or your you tube so you can just record videos while you’re on the job or in your store. Whatever you need to do to get more videos on there is incredible.

We have learned you can benefit from Google by doing everything they want you to do. Complete what your google my business listing is all about. I’m looking forward to being with you on our next episode.