Google My Business Podcast Directions How To Part 1 B

The phone calls. What kind of data and when it happened. And then you have your photo views, which is very interesting because it compares you to businesses around you that are like you. And then you have your quality and quantity of your photos. You can compare to businesses like you. And that is great information to see where you stand against your competition. If you are really low in your photo, that means you need to put up more photos. Same with photo, more photos, the better against your competition. You can go back to the home menu, which is the top left. And the next thing you would do is create a post. Share news with your customers. It can be expanding your business. It can just be a transformation or a job that you did. That was just amazing. You got before and after pictures, or you can actually put a picture with a review on it from a customer. Just create something really powerful and impactful because people on their mobile devices will see this. First and foremost is your posts. To create a post, it’s very, very simple.

You can always make it stand out with a photo. I always use photos. You can put a name on there. You can put your phone number on there. I highly recommend phone numbers and your business name. You can even put your website, make sure it’s readable and it compliments your photo. Then you write on your post what the post is about. And I always add a button, learn more and put your website. If you have an offer that is great, if you sign up for a free pdf on how to do that, it is great. I buy if you have a buy page, if you’re selling products, you can order online, you can book, you could even make this post an event. If you want to do a community with someone, a team up with a, a tile store, carpet store, or a, a automotive dealer, any buddy that you can team up with to be there on site to meet people and build relationships is incredible and I would highly recommend doing it on holidays. People tend to be out and about on like president’s day buying cars or likely than staying home and cleaning their house. Look around, especially like on Facebook, they have events everywhere and team up with somebody, even non-profit organizations are incredible and you can back them up or do three items and giveaways with them in your community so you can preview or publish your post once you were done. And that is incredibly easy.